Here you can read some reviews from people who have used the courses

I love the simplicity of course it's not filled with meaningless space fillers, but with facts I can work with

Well, I'm glad you asked! I love your program so much I keep going back over the modules so I can practice and practice.

I really love the meditation - though so far I have only done it once but am going to go back to it again and again.

The way you explain the 'three brains' makes PERFECT sense to me. I am a person who needs to be able to 'connect the dots' so to speak, things need to make sense to me, so understanding the 'reptilian' brain and the negativity bias has been an incredible breakthrough for me.

The 'mamillian brain' and how we have 'emotional memory' really puts things in perspective! The 'thinking brain' well....sometimes I just wish I was the dog! Heh, heh! But with your program, I am really understanding how to be more compassionate with myself, learning to 'catch' and challenge the negative thoughts, and just knowing that I am not alone in everything I struggle with in regards to anxiety, that it is actually normal....(just a bit out of balance!) feels so liberating!

Also, since I am a survivor of repeated childhood trauma, the section on fear was very beneficial.

Really, it's the same information that my therapist (and what I have googled!) has been trying to get through to me for years, but I think that when it is introduced in 'bits and pieces' for an hour once a month or maybe twice, it's a slow and arduous road. So, I think because you put in an all-encompassing, easy to comprehend, 'package' I was able to fully embrace the concepts.

I am also going to introduce your program to my daughter for my 14 year old anorexic granddaughter because I really believe that she too can benefit tremendously from it.

I'm truly so grateful to have found your program! Thank you so very, very much!


No negative feedback from me. It's all good so far.

I have taken to heart two parts - about repetitive negative behaviors cementing those neural pathways in the brain, and have already started working to make newer, positive connections. I was able to do this in a big way the past two days, and the good feeling and calmness have stayed with me through today; the second one that made an impact was the stress response log. What an eye-opener! I have done this off and on over the years, but never in a systematic way as I've done the past week or so.

These two have already started helping.

By the way, your voice is so well-modulated, that just listening to the sound, without even taking in the words is calming in and of itself.

Thank you for taking the time to put the videos and instructive blogs out there. Just...thank you!

Hi Elaine ,

I found your course very helpful and easy to follow and even better than some of the treatments I have had in the past .

You have made me realise it is how you think than can keep these feelings of anxiety & fear going ..

I will certainly keep all these helpful Tips ,videos and your course in my files so I can return to them when needed just to remind me how I can overcome my health anxiety .

Thank you so much for your help 🤗.

I just wish I had found this kind of advice a few months ago , I have had CBT for a few weeks of which was helpful but I feel your explanation of how your brain is trained to think of anxious thoughts ,as we are not born with any kind of anxiety .

But thank you again .

Kind Regards,


I found what you said extremely helpful. It all totally made sense, although while in panic mode I found it hard to put it into practice. However, I've had 3 very good days, and while it's hard at times, I find the deep breathing and accepting my thoughts easier to deal with.

I've come back down the path and closed the gate behind me. I've now chosen the alternate path and am getting up there slowly.

I'm so grateful that I found your page and it has been very informative and practical.

Thank you

Dear Dr Ryan, your course is very informative ,but anxiety takes in many forms ,social , gad ,health ,etc and all need different approaches to a cure. Anxiety in itself is awful as i am sure you understand but each form is different in complexity. Only just today i had what you might call an awakening for as you know h/a is and has been a long time problem for me,a friend and workmate a seemingly fit and healthy man died suddenly of a massive heart attack at 62. Only a few weeks ago he asked me if i was still a hypo i said yes,his reply was we are all heading toward the silent majority, now he has joined them and i think maybe the shock of his passing may change my life.

I will always be a hypo but i hope to be a happier hypo if you see what i mean? So maybe just maybe? shock tactics may be needed for h/a it is just a suggestion no more,because it may not work for other types of anxiety it may still not work for me but time will tell. CBT did nothing for me because it was not h/a specific, your 3 brains theory is correct, but finding the one that applies to you may not be clear,i found my brain gut problem particularly bad because intestinal problems seem very high with anxiety and a lot of fear seemed to come from there and still do,if you could touch on this a little more because it is on your list of problems it may help.

You are well informed on anxiety and i appreciate your asking me for comments on the subject thankyou so much Elaine

Hi Dr. Ryan,

I found the free demo of the course very interesting. There are a lot of issues that I struggle with and it seems like the course would help explain them all. I have always been an extreme multitasker and am very good at taking on more than I can handle. In this I became a workaholic and I’ll admit it a functioning alcoholic, I would sleep very little ( at one point around 4hrs a night for long periods of time ) I would drink large amounts of coffee to keep me going, then have a few drinks at night to calm myself down. Now that I have become a little older I am trying to slow down, I think my brain and nervous system is so used to the pattern that I have created that it doesn’t know any better and is stuck in overdrive. Anyways, I’m sure this is more than you were asking for but the intro on the course touched on a lot of these things. I do look forward to signing up to get more insight about why I have become the way I am in the near future.