How the courses work

All the courses are based on Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, and also include Mindfulness Based Approaches and Information on your Brain.

There are many reasons why I choose the type of approaches that I did, but the biggest are:

They have been shown to work!

And they adapt extremely well to online courses, without you missing out. In fact I think you gain from it, as not only is it more cost effective, but you do not have to remember everything I say as you can logon to your course 24/7.

All the content and materials are immediately available once you purchase a course, you do not have to wait between lessons, everything is available immediately.

Each lesson has a video teaching element where I explain what the lesson is about and explain what I need you to do.

If I refer to certain materials, such as worksheets, these are all included in the course for you.

Many of the courses also have mp3's to help with, for example, anxiety, sleep and panic attacks. This is another advantage over face to face sessions, as you don't get that in traditional therapy!

I use animation in all of my courses for a number of reasons, mainly, I can explain things better using animation. I can bring the concepts and ideas to life using animation, which helps you understand what I mean better! The more you understand, the better position you are in to overcome your problems.