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Women's Intrusive Thoughts

Many women falsely believe that they are bad mothers or bad people, due to the thoughts they have in their head.

These are INTRUSIVE THOUGHTS and my course is to explain what is going on for you and to help you get your life back

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  Introduction to Cognitive Behavioural Therapy - CBT
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Intrusive Thoughts re Children

People with intrusive thoughts are often tormented and disgusted at the thoughts they are having.

You may believe that you are capable of doing bad things, and avoid people,kids and things, in case you act on your bad thoughts.

These are INTRUSIVE THOUGHTS and my course shall explain this to you and help you get back to normal.

Who makes the courses?

My name is Elaine and I am a psychologist who also had anxiety and panic.

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How the courses work

All my courses are based on the work that I do in private practice and use scientific models of therapy that work well with online courses

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Aggressive Intrusive Thoughts

If you have aggressive intrusive thoughts, you may falsely belief that you may do something wrong.

You might find that you no longer feel safe around knives or anything that could do harm to yourself or other people.

These are INTRUSIVE THOUGHTS and my course is to explain what is going on for you and to help you get your life back

Religious Intrusive Thoughts

People who tend to get religious intrusive thoughts can also have a strong faith.

These disturbing thoughts can feel like you are losing your faith. You might feel like you are going to shout out something terrible in Church or have disturbing thoughts and phrases in your head.


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