About Elaine

This website is where you find my online courses. You probably came through my main website MoodSmith, which has an about me page on it, so I will try not to repeat myself!

If you read the page, you will know that I am a psychologist. I was awarded my doctorate from The University of Surrey in England, and worked in the National Health Service for several years and now spend most of my time making self help courses.

Some people might find that quite strange, but I am passionate about it and I shall tell you why.

I left The Health Service in 2009 and it was around that time that computerised CBT was gaining ground in the UK. Fast forward a few years, and online programs are now part of a 'stepped care' approach, which simply means, you can start with self help, and if that is not working for you, you can step up to, for example, meeting someone for face to face therapy.

I have been working in psychology for 17 years, 8 of which were spent in private practice and I couldn't help but notice that, in my opinion, many people that I saw may have benefited from online programs rather than attend for traditional therapy, so I started making courses.

Why do I focus on stress related conditions?

You might have read that I had my own fair share of life with anxiety. I had panic attacks, so there is as good a reason as any! But truth be told, stress affects us in so many ways, not just anxiety, panic and OCD.

If you are stressed, your health suffers, your relationships suffer, work suffers. I could go on, but I think you get the picture. I guess I considered it really important, as I saw many areas in my life improve when I got my stress under control.

That doesn't mean to say that I am immune from stress. Nobody is. But I can recognise (most of the time) when it is creeping up on me, and know what to do about it, and I wanted to teach that to other people.


If you are interested in taking one of my courses, you can read more about how they work here